My HR Expo Africa Experience

The full view of the event center.

As a testament to my passion for HR & Tech, I work with SeamlessHR, a fast-rising technology firm that develops HR software for companies in Africa.

Last week, I represented my company at the HREA Work Festival 2021. I made sure I knew the purpose of the event and the impact on my organization. I was excited about meeting new people, looked forward to bonding with my colleagues because we work remotely, so there isn’t a lot of time to bond. I also wanted to document my experience at the festival so I could share it with you.

And yeah, it was a memorable event, and these were the highlights for me:

  1. Networking

The event gathered over a hundred professionals from different sectors in Lagos.

I really enjoyed talking about our product suites at SeamlessHR:

a. The Human Resource Management System,

b. Learning Management System,

c. Recruitment Management System,

d. Seamless Payroll

Watch my impromptu speech here

I made a lot of connections and even met up with a long time friend named Iveren.

Myself and Iveren

2. Bonding with team members

The festival took place at Landmark event center, Victoria Island. Five of us from SeamlessHR were in attendance, and prior to the event, I’d never really “connected” with these colleagues because they were from other departments. So it was interesting to get to know them better.

Oh, and guess what? I got five movie recommendations! I can’t wait to watch them during my vacation in May. They are:

a. I Care a Lot

b. Billions (Series)

c. The Social Dilemma

d. Behind Her Eyes

e. The Tribes of Europa

My colleagues at work.

3. Food

OMG! I love food. When I was informed about the event, I was sure to ask about food. After all, a hungry Funke is a grumpy Funke. LOL.

I didn’t have to worry. There was lots to eat — two meals per day. In the morning, we had two different snacks and a cup of coffee. At noon, we had varieties, but I preferred Jollof rice, fried rice, moimoi, chicken, and beef.

Later, I had pepper soup with bread then parfait.

You could say I added a bit of weight in two days. Oh well, off to the gym.

Have an idea about the food…

4. Training course

The course content was HR-related. They included compensation & benefits, employee engagement, leveraging technology, etc.

HR Expo course content

5. Pictures and videos

I love keeping memories with pictures and videos, and I captured lots of them during the event.

Trying to capture one of the nice areas
Your workplace Experience Advocate.

In summary, I had a great time, but I was exhausted at the end of the day. Eventually had a cat nap inside the ride back home.

I recently got into sharing my experiences, so stay close ☺️ there’s more to come.